Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another way to die -title track -Quantum of solace

The eagerly anticipated James Bond movie- Quantum of Solace's title track is out. The sound track ,titled 'Another way to die' has been penned by White Stripes guitarist Jack White, and crooned by Alicia Keys. The thing is that it has been blasted by fans as the worst ever. The movie again has Daniel Craig (40) starring as James Bond and the babe this time is Gemma Arterton(22). Another way to die had its first airing on radio stations this week.
Listen for yourself ,decide and comment if u like..

******* Antargni 2008 - Flames of passion********

******* Antargni 2008 - Flames of passion********

Antaragni-one of the biggest college festivals in India , the cultural festival of IIT Kanpur is back again,and with loads action this time as well. The fest has gained enormous popularity among college-goers across the country , pretty evident by the metaphoric rise in the crowds attending it each year. This is not just another festival , mind you ,with around 14 LAKH !!! as the prize money to be grabbed in various competitions to be held ranging from Dance and Drama to Literature and Fine arts. The four day fiesta which will begin on 23rd of october will be jam-packed with a myriad of competitions, workshops, exhibitions, talent shows, live performances, games and not to forget, lots of attractive prizes.From 2008, a film-making contest is also being introduced which is expected to draw a sizeable participation.The music competition is eagarly awaited which will have performances under following categories:

Geet-Light Indian music (solo vocal competition)
Sur-Indian Classical music (solo vocal competition and solo musical competition)
Euphony-Light indian/Fusion Music
Sangam- Group Vocals competition
Fuson - Eastern band/Fuson music competition
Aria- Western music(solo vocal competition and solo musical competition)
Chords -Group vocals /choir competition
Unplugged-Western acoustic band competition
Arson-Western band competition
Really looking forward to these competitions.
The major performance this time is by the rock band Glyder. The list of Indian Artists who are going to perform is yet to be disclosed.
Well this was about the music, stay tuned for more info on loads of other big bang activities which will take place in Antaragni 2008......

The tentaive event list and the rulebook will be uploaded soon!!