Monday, August 9, 2010

The Clean Delhi Drive


Delhi's pollution and dirt is something we are all ashamed of. It was high time we decided something and took action.

It is like our prayers have finally been answered as The Art of Living Foundation launched a massive cleaning operation in and all around Delhi .

Never witnessed so many diverse  people , young and old , from all walks taking the initiative in such a grand manner.

Armed with hygiene and cleaning equipment , everyone clearing out the mess so enthusiastically  without any inhibition , was a great sight to witness .

People who saw all this happening came and joined hands in cleaning as well.

They  pledged on their own  to keep on continuing with the cleansing process in the future as well.

The program basically started with The Yamuna Project and has now stretched to all over Delhi with various MNCs , NGOs , Schools and Colleges joining the bandwagon.

The Director of CBSE has even issued instructions to schools all over delhi to pick up a site and take the responsibility for its cleaning.

Many colleges have joined voluntarily , and believe me its such a great pleasure in doing something for a such a noble cause .

If you missed the chance earlier of being a part of it , you can do it now as the major cleaning operation starts  now from 6th -12th September 2010. Register yourself on this site .

Get in touch with the representatives and volunteers of your zone as soon as possible

Come and join us to make our home a better place...

If you wish to join us , just click on the link below

                                       The Clean Delhi Drive